About petite.v

Hey, I’m Céline… SF based jewelry designer and beauty fanatic with a love of vintage and an unapologetic flair for the dramatic. 

To me, every day is an opportunity to play dress up and express myself, and every piece of the outfit serves a purpose. It’s what makes getting ready each morning so much fun.

Inspired by my love of vintage jewelry and self expression, I created petite.v to add a unique and personalized finishing touch to each and every outfit. what started off as a wedding project repurposing antique typewriter keys for our groomsmen and bridesmaids turned into a fun little side hustle. A few years later I started experimenting with hand stamped, perfectly imperfect gold filled pieces and found that my friends and family treasured them as musch as I enjoyed creating them.

my personal collection of vintage jewelry continues to grow as i have a hard time passing up gorgeous pieces from decades past, but i need to make space for new treasures... so i've added curated finds looking for a new home.

As much as I love treating the streets as my personal runway, I also love quality me-time and self-pampering. bath soaks, body and face oil, sheet sprays - anything to make me and my surroundings feel more fabulous. yet another passion I wanted to share. 

thanks for checking out my site - i hope you find something you love.



questions? drop me a line at thepetitev@gmail.com