Vintage Typewriter Key Lapel Pin (silver)

Vintage Typewriter Key Lapel Pin (silver)


Antique typewriter key re-purposed into a custom lapel pin for the dapper gentleman.

A classic statement piece celebrating a lost art... can also be worn as a tie tack!

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There are many different kinds of typewriters out there, so your lapel pin may look a little different than the one pictured. Upon discovery, each key is delicately cleaned and restored as best as possible to its former glory. These keys come from real antique typewriters so anticipate flaws - making your piece all the more unique!

The keys is positioned on a silver tone pin with a silver tone rimset and then sealed with durable epoxy resin for a long life of stylish wear. The silver tone setting will fade over time, adding character to your piece year after year.

Typewriter keys measure 17mm in diameter.